New To Horses

Learn About Horseback Riding Lessons And More

Don’t know much about horses? No problem! Even the most experienced rider was a beginner once upon a time. As with any new activity, the best experience—whether that’s horseback riding lessons, or just meeting a horse for the first time—is an informed experience. That’s why we’ve created some helpful information for newcomers.

Looking For Horseback Riding Lessons?

Whether you’re interested in an hour or a lifetime of riding for you or a member of your family, horseback riding lessons at a local stable are a great way to begin. Start with our listing of barns and camps near you.

When you contact your local stable, make sure you ask about lesson packages for discount opportunities, and inquire about summer or holiday camps for kids and adults. Also, be sure to ask what equipment or clothing will be required or provided, such as helmets or boots.

It’s also a good idea to ask for references from other students or parents and, if at all possible, plan a visit before your first lesson. Of course, horseback riding lessons require a teacher. Here are 13 questions to ask when looking for a riding instructor, courtesy of the Certified Horsemanship Association.


Types of Riding
Types of Riding

From trail riding to jumping, reining to dressage and so much more, there’s almost no end to the fun you can have on a horse.

About Horses
About Horses

Learn more about these magnificent creatures and the special relationship we’ve enjoyed with them for over 5000 years.

Before Your Event
Before Your Event

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you or your kids a chance to meet, touch, or learn to ride a horse.


Find a ride near you

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Fairs, Rodeos and Shows

Explore a fair, livestock show, rodeo, or horse show.

Introductions to horses often begin simply. For children and adults, attending an equestrian event can open the door to being a lifelong fan and perhaps something deeper. Where can you attend an event? They exist across the world from small towns to major cities. Look for rodeos, horse shows, livestock shows, polo matches, parades and festivals. If your goal is to find activities that celebrate America’s heritage and can provide wholesome, enriching activities for families, then these are the right fit.

Horse expos are hosted in many states, and they often offer educational activities and exhibitions. Search for your state’s horse council for a calendar. Many horse shows have free admission, so they are super budget-friendly outings. Remember safety first though and be respectful of the horses and their owners and riders. Children need to be supervised. When you arrive, seek out the horse stalls to talk to owners and riders and see the animals up close. Because the exhibitors may be focused on their performances, it is a good idea to check in at the show office first and see if they have a recommendation of someone you can talk to. They may even have some educational handouts for you.

There are more disciplines (that’s a fancy horse-word for activities) with horses than you can imagine. So whether you are seeking out Western or English events, light horse breeds, draft horses, racing or driving, there is something to catch your attention. You may decide that you want a closer experience, so a lesson or trail ride may be a great next step.

There are also expos and competitions for model horses. For adults and children alike, the beauty, fun and community of model horses can be fun. Learn more about showing model horses at

For a more direct connection with a horse, consider a trail ride or riding lesson.