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Trail Rides and Dude Ranches

Saddle Up for Adventure and Exploration like None Other

There is perhaps no experience more special than exploring America from the back of a horse. Children and adults love seeing nature and making cherished memories while riding. Sometimes these adventures occur on vacation, but they also make great outings closer to home. They range from one hour to several, and a dude ranch experience might involve rides over multiple days. The locations are as diverse as a mountain trail, a desert path, a working ranch and parks across the land.

Your trail riding experience can be customized for your level of skill. Typically, you’ll be riding in a group with a leader known as a Wrangler and depending on the size of the group, there can be multiple assistants. You are not likely to be galloping into the sunset, because for your safety and that of the horses, organized rides are typically limited to walking and trotting. For faster gaits like galloping or “running” a horse, consider riding lessons.

If you’re anxious, talk to the stable workers about how to feel more comfortable. You want to have a safe, enjoyable experience before heading out on any trail. Most stables will provide helmets; they usually are required for children and recommended for adults. There may be other requirements such as closed-toed shoes, and long pants are always a good idea.

The views from horseback cannot be matched, and it’s common to come away feeling empowered and energized—one of the great benefits of connecting with horses!

Questions To Ask Before You Book a Ride

  • What are age and weight limits for riders?
  • How long is the ride?
  • What type of terrain will we be covering and what is the riding skill level required?
  • What does the rider need to wear or bring (or leave at home), and what does the stable provide?