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Clubs and Other

Connect with a group of fellow horse lovers.

Riding clubs, associations, and other groups are a great way to step into the horse world. A ready-made group of friends to give advice, ride with, hit the local trails, and explore leasing or owning a horse with is invaluable when starting your new hobby. Many groups are designed specifically for new riders, focus on a certain style of riding, prepare for competitions together, or simply enjoy trail riding together. One example of an active and fun trail club is the Tri-County Trail Association of Ohio:

National organizations such as 4-H or Pony Club may have a local chapter you can visit; or you can find an independent local or regional riding group. Many groups have ways for the whole family to participate together. Some clubs have a “home” stable and can provide horses, while others may require you to have your own horse, in which case your new fellow club members may be more than happy to share!

In addition to local groups, national organizations can be a great resource by helping you find nearby opportunities, providing educational materials, and connecting you to a certain breed of horse or discipline near you:

On the map, this category also includes other facilities such as retailers, therapeutic riding facilities, rescues, and other horse professionals who can help you connect with a horse. Check out each location’s details for more info.