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Time To Ride 100 Day Horse Challenge

Time to Ride has launched a national grassroots campaign with the goal of introducing at least 100,000 people to horse activities in a 100-day period.

It’s Time to Trail Ride

You.  A horse.  A path not well travelled.

It’s Time to Take a Riding Lesson

Lessons will open the door to horse enjoyment.

It’s Time for a Good Ole Fashion Fair or Rodeo

Visiting a county or state fair or attending a rodeo celebrates our American heritage.

It’s Time to go to the Horse Races

Is there anything more beautiful and awe-inspiring than a horse engaging its natural instinct and amazing physique as it races for a finish line?

It’s Time to Attend a Horse Event

Horse Expo events typically include educational seminars on everything “horse” including care, training, riding, and lots of exhibits and vendors.